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  • SPOT.PH: How Theo & Brom Is Bridging Two Worlds Through Chocolate 

  • “Good chocolate has a lot to do with the beans. It has to be fine quality beans. And I guess that’s where the idea of becoming a social enterprise comes in. You support farmers so they can upgrade their ways of harvesting, taking care of crops, and creating beans that are of export quality, and then they could actually charge the right prices. And it comes full circle: you get good cocoa, you get to produce a great chocolate bar with those beans.”

    “With more and more Filipinos like Marielle putting down roots all over the world, home isn't a single place anymore, and you could say that Belgian tablea is a reflection of that. Theo & Brom is still a taste of home—it just so happens that home can be wherever you decide it is.”


  • SPOT.PH: The Best Local Brands With Swoon-Worthy Bean-to-Bar Chocolate

  • “They’ve consulted the experts—namely cacao adviser Dr. Zoi Papalexandratou, and Belgian chocolatier Mario Vandeneede—to assure their products are the best they can be. They’re making their mark overseas, too; for instance, their Belgian Rounds have recently been selected as customer rewards that are sent to clients by Eneco, one of the largest energy providers in Belgium.”


  • COSMO.PH: We Swear, You'll Go Crazy Over This Gooey Chocolate Cake Made From Filipino Cacao Beans

  • “Both the ganache and fudgy cake boast of a toasty, nutty, and earthy flavor that makes it unique from other chocolate cakes. It's all because it's made from the first-ever Belgian Tableya, which lends the deep rich taste from single-origin Filipino cacao beans. It's also not too sweet so you won't get umay even after many bites! The only con: It's hard to stop eating it! You have to practice ~*intense*~ self-control!”


  • METRO.STYLE: Chocolate Lovers, Rejoice! Belgian Tableya Now Exists—And It Was Created By A Filipina

  • As expected, Theo & Brom was an equal mix of home and novelty. The dark, rich flavors reminded us of our own tsokolate, the one we’ve grown to love. But at the same time, it was the perfect balance of dark and sweet, rich and smooth. Indeed, Theo & Brom was able to marry the best of both worlds: the Philippines’ flavorful cacao beans and Belgium’s expertise in creating the finest chocolates.”


  • CLICK THE CITY: Eat Of The Week: A Tableya Cake Oozing With Gooey Chocolate Goodness

  • “Every thick spoonful is truly gooey as its name suggests, a luxurious ganache to soothe the most rabid chocolate cravings. Once you dig your spoon deeper into the tub of dessert, you’ll feel how thick and heavy the cake is in the container. Practically no pockets of air, just the indulgent goodness of chocolate!


  • NONILO: Have Theo And Brom unlocked the secret to the best tableya in the world?

  • “What makes Theo And Brom different from normal tableya is the Belgian chocolate-making process. The Theobroma Cacao, from where the brand derives its name from, is processed into high-quality tableya rounds. The taste is described as fruity, nutty and with caramel notes.”


  • GMA NEWS: A mix of two cultures: The World’s First Belgian Tableya 

  • “What happens when you marry Belgian expertise of chocolate-making and the rich decadence of Philippine cacao? A Belgian Tableya is born.”


  • 8LIST.PH: Feeling Down? Eat Your Feelings with These 8 Comfort Foods You Can Order Online

  • “Ever wondered what it would be like to bite into a cup of tsokolate? Now that we’ve put that idea in your head, you probably do. Thankfully, you can already live out that experience through Theo & Brom’s Gooey Ganache Magic Tableya Cake. It’s just as luxurious and decadent as you’d think...just try not to eat the whole thing in one go!”


  • LIFESTYLE.INQUIRER: Good Food, Good Life: Restaurant-worthy treats…made at home

  • “Someone said: Nothing is better than a rich chocolate cake. Theo & Brom replied: You’re mistaken. It’s better when you cover that chocolate cake with goo made from 100% Davao tableya chocolate.

    I don’t eat this cake a slice at a time. I savor every two to three spoonfuls I have for dessert. Even the tiniest serving is going to be an overload of chocolate. Pro tip: Store this in the freezer and serve it with hot coffee.”


  • ABS-CBN NEWS: Food shorts: Ube keso buchi and other lockdown eats

  • “Theo and Brom promises indulgence in a tub with its Gooey Ganache Magic tableya cakes, and it certainly delivers. The moist cake is draped in a sticky, fudgy, tableya-flavored ganache, making each spoonful feel like a chocolate explosion. For those who aren't aware, Theo and Brom is a company known for combining high-quality local cacao and Belgian techniques, resulting into a smoother, refined tableya.”

  • LIFESTYLEASIA.ONEMEGA: Satisfy Your Sweet Cravings With Belgian Tableya

  • “Indulging in these rounds is much like wine-tasting. At first bite, it carries the taste of raisins or molasses but as it melts on the tongue, the subtle bittersweet taste of the tablea becomes apparent. While it may be solid with a slight crunch, the smooth texture allows for the rich flavors to implode in the mouth.”


  • SPOT.PH: This Fudgy Chocolate Cake With Tablea Is Just What You Need Today

  • “Served in tubs, the Gooey Ganache Magic has a deeper, more robust flavor compared to other chocolate cakes around, thanks to Theo & Brom's use of the Tableya Filipina—their signature tablea that's made with single-origin cacao from Davao, using Belgian techniques. Texture-wise, it ticks all the right boxes, too, with its moist cake base draped in what they call the Gooey Ganache—a sticky, fudgy frosting with a similar earthy tablea flavor, and that makes every bite of the cake a hundred times more luscious.”


  • YUMMY.PH: Belgian Tableya Is The Newest Chocolate In Town!

  • “If you love dark chocolate and the deep, bold notes of local tablea, here's a new chocolate to try. Meet Theo And Brom, a brand of artisanal chocolate and the world's first Belgian Tableya.”

  • LIFESTYLEASIA.ONEMEGA: Theo & Brom Makes These Incredibly Delicious Scaled Cakes To Satisfy Your Sweet Cravings 

  • “The decadent dessert’s toasty, nutty, and earthy hints add character to an otherwise ordinary chocolate cake and still boasts of the world’s first Belgian Tableya’s unique experience with the distinct aromatics and flavors of the finest Philippine cacao beans which now come in mouthwatering bites.”


  • ABS-CBN NEWS: Meet the Pinay founder of first Belgian Tableya 

  • “The idea for Theo and Brom came when Flores mentioned to her husband that of all the things, it’s the tableya (chocolate tablet) that she misses the most. She was surprised that there is no such thing as tableya in Belgium, a country known for its famous chocolates.

    And so Theo and Brom was born, which was derived from cacao’s scientific name Theobroma Cacao. She said it was important for her to produce something that will bring the Belgian and Philippine cultures together.”


  • FILIPINO TIMES: Filipina introduces first ‘Belgian Tableya’

    “It all started as a “little cacao dream. A year after, it has grown and made the Filipino “tableya” known not only in Belgium but to the rest of the world.

    Tableya or tablea is coin-shaped dark chocolate made from 100 percent pure, roasted cocoa beans. It is melted and mixed together with milk to make the traditional Filipino hot chocolate beverage.”


  • EXPAT TIME: Start me up: Filipino-American Myey Moens explains how she markets her tableya chocolate around the world

    “My advice to any budding entrepreneur is to go for it 100%. If you are willing to put in the hours, make lots of mistakes, and learn until you succeed, it will all be worth it. Don’t worry about how to do something, but why you really want it. Nothing is more powerful than a made-up mind.”

  • MODERN PARENTING: Mother’s Day always needs the Best Tableya Cake

    Now, you’re probably thinking, “I can’t get any decent chocolate!” That’s okay because Theo & Brom are here to save the day!

    “Theo & Brom have been making waves as one of the very first Belgian Tableya chocolate cakes. They often sold it in tubs and with every slice, you’ll see some fudge pouring out of the cake. Each bite is not too sweet but you can tell that they didn’t skimp on the chocolate.

    “Theo & Brom has their new specialty cake, combining the artistry of pastel pink flowers on a white background. But hidden behind that pastel look, there’s ooey-gooey ganache waiting inside. And if you and your family still find yourselves craving the chocolate, you can buy Theo & Brom’s Mother’s Day Delight Package.”

  • NOLISOLI: Savory cake, edible flowers and other dishes for your Mother’s Day spread

    “For moms who don’t like cakes that are too sweet, Theo & Brom’s tableya cakes are something we wholeheartedly recommend…the pre-order period is only until May 6, so make sure to call as soon as you can.” 

  • PHILSTAR: Philippine food scene

  • “These cakes are the new way to experience Theo & Brom’s iconic tsokolate drink introduced back in 2018, now made in rich, luscious, and aptly called Gooey Ganache Magic Tableya Cake, a confectionary that lends a deeper tableya flavor with toasty, nutty, and earthy hints that add character to an otherwise ordinary chocolate cake.”

  • PHILSTAR: Mother’s Day 2021: Treats for ‘Wonder Wo-moms’

    “Theo & Brom avid followers and all chocolate lovers can expect the brand’s signature tsokolate and vanilla coming together perfectly in this special release. Topped with Swiss meringue buttercream frosting, the brand re-invents its best-selling Gooey Ganache Magic Tableya Cakes to be the indulgent seasonal bake.”  


  • SPOT.PH: These Are the Drool-Worthy Cakes to Give Mom This Mother's Day

  • “We're huge fans of Theo & Brom's Gooey Ganache Magic Tableya Cake, which gets its dose of chocolate from tablea—and they recently came out with a special Mother's Day variation of it that'll be available for a limited time! It's got Theo & Brom's signature chocolate cake, frosted with an ivory buttercream base adorned with pink floral swirls.”


  • 8LIST.PH: 8 of the Most Beautiful Cakes to Surprise Mom With This Mother’s Day

  • “Theo & Brom’s limited edition Gooey Ganache Magic Cake is a treat not just for your palate, but also your eyes. It balances the sweetness of tsokolate with the smoothness of the buttercream. The minimalist pink floral design against the ivory-colored buttercream hides the gooey signature chocolate cake of Theo & Brom. It’s *almost* as pretty as mom.”

  • CLICKTHECITY: Mother’s Day 2021: Where to Get Luscious Chocolate Desserts in Manila

    “Vanilla meets their Gooey Ganache Magic Tableya Cake for this limited edition Mother’s Day offering. Each tub has its signature Theo & Brom cake covered in ivory-colored Swiss meringue buttercream frosting and garnished with minimalist pink florals.”

  • METROSTYLE: 20 Best Desserts To Gift On Mother's Day

    “This limited edition Mother’s Day Cake has minimalist pink flowers adorning an ivory buttercream base, over thick layers of Theo & Brom’s signature chocolate cake.”

  • ABSCBN: Mother's Day 2021: Sweet treats and delivery eats for Mom

    “Theo and Brom, maker of the world's first "Belgian tableya," has combined two Mother's Day must-haves in its newest offering. 


    “The company has reinvented its signature Gooey Ganache Magic Tableya Cake, topping it with Swiss meringue buttercream frosting and pink floral swirls.”