About Us | Words From Our Founder

In August of 2018, I moved to Belgium and left the Motherland.

In the middle of migration, marriage, and missing home, my little cacao dream of bridging the best of both worlds of Philippine Cacao and Belgian Chocolate-Making expertise was born. 

With little-to-no experience in the chocolate industry, I braved pitching the concept of the Belgian Tableya to as many chocolatiers I could find in Belgium, only to receive rejection after rejection. 

As opportunity rewards persistence, we were able to launch a brand that has warmed the hearts (and bellies) of our beloved customers all across the United States, Europe, and the Philippines. 

As a Filipina founder living abroad, I am humbled to have witnessed our people’s spirit of fellowship and support, known as bayanihan, become an integral part of our brand’s identity and existence. 

Our customer community has carried us through, literally and figuratively, since the very beginning: from becoming a Kickstarter success (yes, we were crowdfunded!), to pivoting the business during the height of COVID.

As a result, we have evolved beautifully from a small bean-to-bar brand to becoming prime purveyors of Gooey-Good Vibes.

Our goal is to give you unforgettable, gooey-good moments, every time you savor a bite of a Tableya Treat crafted in our kitchens. Moments that trigger only good feels that flow -- whether you’re by yourself or surrounded by loved ones. 

So go ahead. Spoil yourself. Go for those Gooey-Good Vibes you genuinely deserve. Better yet, share it with others. And keep the good times alive.