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NEW Cioccolato Tableyamisú A La Ragazzon · Coffee-Free For Kids (9x6 Single Tub)

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Kids can now enjoy the delight of tiramisú with this coffee-free version of our Tableyamisú A La Ragazzon. Richly flavored with our signature Tableya Filipina, you and your little ones could now indulge in this decadent dessert without limits. 
A fusion of two beloved classics from Italy and the Philippines, we are proud to introduce the World's First Tableyamisú A La Ragazzon.
It is the brainchild of an Italian-Filipina couple Michelley Flores and Federico Ragazzon, who were both inspired by our brand's mantra of "Bridging the Best of Both Worlds."
Hailing from Sardegna, Italia, Federico traces the roots of this recipe by combining the classic Italian dessert tiramisú, and our very own Tableya Filipina.
It is a dessert that can satisfy a broad taste of cravings, from those who have a genuine sweet-tooth, to those who just want a subtle palate tickler after a hearty meal. 
Crafted in 9x6 inch tubs, each Tableyamisú is generously draped in rich mascarpone cheese that provides its soft, creamy elements.
It is also layered with our very own Pistoccus di Fonni -- baked from scratch -- which is the Sardinian version of savoiardi, more commonly known as ladyfingers.
These biscuits give the light and airy texture of each mouthful, ensuring that each bite is like a cloud of heaven, without having the overbearing heaviness of other cakes. 

Elegantly topped with 24k gold shavings, it is also a sight to behold on your table spread, or a perfect gift to surprise a loved one.
Best enjoyed and shared with family and friends. Each 9x6 tub makes up to 6 servings. 
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