Gift Card + Bag (Fits up to 2 Cake Tubs)

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Make your surprise extra special by adding a Gift Bag and Card for your recipient.

The Gift Card (4x6in) comes in 2 designs: Minimalist or Festive.

The Gift Bag has a wide base and is perfect for any order with a Tableya Cake.


  • Type of paper: Vellum 100
  • Size: 25cm x 25cm x 25cm
  • Handle: black nylon cord with eyelet
  • With black ribbon to seal bag
  • With card tag

Recommended Maximum Capacity:

  • 1 Set Tableya Trio Treat
  • 2 regular-sized Tableya Cake tubs (Stacked)
  • 10pcs Tableya Filipina Miniature Rounds pouches
  • 8pcs Baby Cakes (Stacked 2-tiers)
  • 8pcs Goo Goo Jar Insanely Rich Tableya Goo