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🛍 Bundle: 4+1 Tableya Filipina - Miniature Rounds 150g

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A few weeks back, we just celebrated our first anniversary for our Philippine operations!

We pivoted from being just a chocolate brand to who we are today: a thriving Virtual Food & Beverage brand with Tableya at the center of it all.

In celebration of our first year as such, we bring back the much-requested bundle of our beloved Tableya Filipina -- the product that started everything for us in the Philippines.

Without it, we would not have the Tableya Cake, Tableya Goo, and our newest Tableyamisú!


Cultivated and crafted in the Philippines, we bring you a local iteration of our "delicately unrefined" rounds, this time for bites, beverages, and baking. 

Its look takes on the traditional tableya: rough, rugged, and rustic.

Its taste is a treat for your tongue: smooth, semi-sweet, and serene. 

Its size is a tease for your craving: petite, precise, and personal. 

Perfect for your self-love moments, when you give yourself permission to indulge in a treat. 

Or when you gather 'round the table, after a long day of feeling beat. 

Tableya Filipina is a redefinition of our timeless tsokolate tradition.

Not satisfied? Send the product back within 30 days and you'll receive a 100% refund. No questions asked. 

Limited offer ends soon.

Treat yourself and your loved ones. 

You have to taste it to believe it.