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🍫 4+1 Bundle: Tableya Filipina - Miniature Rounds 150g

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Smooth, decadent, and delicately unrefined Tableya Filipina for bites, beverages and baking.

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From the makers of the first ever Belgian Tableya and the bestselling Tableya Cake Gooey Ganache Magic comes Tableya Filipina.

Tableya Filipina features handcrafted tsokolate tablea for making your favorite cup of hot chocolate or for baking and cooking. These miniature rounds of chocolates with 64% single origin Davao cacao have the right balance of bittersweet dark chocolate taste and melt-in-your mouth creaminess of milk chocolate, making it perfect even for eating straight out of its package.

5 Reasons Why You’ll Love Tableya Filipina

Get only the best from Belgian and Filipino chocolate traditions. Tableya Filipina is developed by Belgian-Filipino chocolatiers using world-renowned Belgian chocolate-making techniques and the finest Philippine cacao.  

Rich and smooth chocolate taste. Tableya Filipina is perfect for those who want their chocolates to be decadently bold and semi-sweet.

Only uses cane sugar for added sweetness. We chose cane sugar, which is much less processed than white sugar to add delicate flavor to the chocolate.

Perfect for making cups of hot chocolate, baking, and cooking. With 7.5 servings per pack, you can make up to 7 cups of hot chocolate for yourself or for your family any time of day! You can also use this for baking chocolate cakes and pastries or for cooking champorado.

Great for snacking. Satisfy your sweet tooth while enjoying the health benefits of dark chocolate. Filipina Tableya is a tsokolate tablea that you can really eat on its own!

Tableya Filipina is a Gift

Theo and Brom, the makers of Tableya Filipina, originally sold their Belgian Tableya in the US and Europe. While it received much love from their customers, the pandemic made it impossible to sustain the chocolate-making business.

Tableya Filipina was born out of a Belgium-based Filipina’s dream to continue delivering the best of Belgian chocolate-making experience and Filipino cacao. It serendipitously made its way to the Philippines when the founder, Myey Moens, found the right people and resources to get the best of Philippine cacao and create chocolate products that Filipinos will love.

Theo & Brom pivoted from being only a chocolate brand to a Cloud Food & Beverage brand, creating tableya-based crafts and confections. The first of which was the Tableya-Cake Gooey Ganache Magic cakes, which became an instant hit after it launched. With the growing demand from customers, Theo & Brom soon offered more products including the Tableyamisu A La Ragazzon, and Goo Goo Jar.


How Tableya Filipina is Different from Other Tsokolate Tablea Brands?

Tableya Filipina is not your ordinary tsokolate tablea. We retained the rich, aromatic cacao flavor while making sure that every piece is creamy and smooth for the palate. You will forget that it’s a tablea for making hot chocolate, cooking champorado or baking chocolate goodies, because you can enjoy snacking on it!


How many pieces of tableya do you get in each package?

Tableya Filipina 150g pouch has 50pcs of mini rounds (each mini round is around 3g). Each 150g pouch can make up to 7 servings.

How can I enjoy Tableya Filipina?

We recommend melting 7 mini rounds per 150ml of milk. It is also ready for snacking as a chocolate treat. The formulation is made for bites, beverages, and baking.

How can I make hot chocolate?

We recommend melting 7 to 8 rounds for every 150ml of hot milk. Add more to achieve desired thickness and taste.

How can I make hot chocolate thicker?

We recommend to melt 7 to 8 rounds for every 150ml of hot milk, then add more to achieve desired thickness and taste. Cooking in a saucepan is also an option, wherein you heat the milk until hot and bubbly, but not boiling. Then, stir in the chocolate until melted. Bring it to a boil and cook until thickened.

Can I use water or other types of milk?

You may use water or other milk options (not full cream): non-fat, soy, almond or other types of milk but this might change the taste and consistency.

How do the Tableya Filipina mini rounds look like? Can I add them to my baking recipes?

Each mini-round is approximately 3g. The formulation of Tableya Filipina makes it easy to melt for beverages and baking. The texture is also smooth and creamy enough to be enjoyed on its own.

How much for 1kg?

Our Tableya Filipina is sold by 150g pouch only. For 1kg, that's around 6 to 7 pouches.

Does your Tableya Filipina contain sugar?

Tableya Filipina is already sweetened. At the moment, we only offer a sweetened variant. Our Tableya Filipina is made of 64% single region Davao cacao— with just the right mix of dark chocolate's bitterness and sweetness.

Is Tableya Filipina keto-friendly?

Our Tableya Filipina mini rounds contain about 70% total cacao solids (64% cacao and 5% cocoa butter), and we use pure cane sugar. Our other clients who are on keto say that they allow themselves up to a 9-gram serving daily (3 mini rounds). 

Is Tableya Filipina vegan-friendly?

Yes, Tableya Filipina mini rounds are vegan friendly, unless you don’t consume sugar.