A Delightful Dessert Deck For Dad

Have this Duo delivered to your doorstep - 
Tableyamisù and Tsokolate in one pack. 
Serves Up To A Dozen. 

It Takes Two: A Tableya Dessert & Drink Duo

We've seen a trend in your Tableya Treat requests lately, and thus, here's this decadent duo bundle. 

2 tubs of Tableyamisú A La Ragazzon (Caffè and Cioccolato flavors)

 2 packs of Tableya Filipina Miniature Rounds (150g)


Double the Treats

Double the Deliciousness

Definite Savings 


With Love, From Sardegna, Italia 🇮🇹

Hailing from Sardegna, Italia, Federico traces the roots of this recipe by combining the classic Italian dessert tiramisú, and our very own Tableya Filipina.

It is a dessert that can satisfy a broad taste of cravings, from those who have a genuine sweet-tooth, to those who just want a subtle palate tickler after a hearty meal. 

Crafted in 9x6 inch tubs, each Tableyamisú is generously draped in rich mascarpone cheese that provides its soft, creamy elements.

It is also layered with our very own Pistoccus di Fonni -- baked from scratch -- which is the Sardinian version of savoiardi, more commonly known as ladyfingers.

These biscuits give the light and airy texture of each mouthful, ensuring that each bite is like a cloud of heaven, without having the overbearing heaviness of other cakes. 

The Elements Of Tableyamisú

  • Pistoccus Di Fonni, a Sardinian version of ladyfingers, baked from scratch with fresh, wholesome ingredients. 

  • Barako Coffee, locally sourced from the province of Batangas. 

  • Alcohol-free Amaretto and Rich Mascarpone cheese, sourced and imported from Italy. 

  • Our Famous Tableya Goo, for that decadent, luscious tsokolate flavor.

  • Premium 24k Edible Gold Leaves and Dust, to bring a festive sparkle to your dessert spread.

A Dozen Delights

This Special Bundle Makes 12 Servings for Your Drink & Dessert Deck.
✌🏽 Two Tableyamisú 9x6 inch Tubs

(Caffe & Cioccolato Flavors)
✌🏽Two Tableya Filipina Pouches



🏷FREE Gift Bag and Tag

💌FREE Dad's Day Card🛵

FREE Delivery (Within Metro Manila) 

Five Reasons To Surprise Dad With This Dessert Deck

1. It's The Bold Dessert You've Always Craved For. 💪🏽

Our Tableyamisú may set the expectation that it's boldly sweet and boldly bitter but the truth is, it's not. We've perfected the right balance of flavors in this Italian-Filipino dessert concoction that every bite would leave you wanting for more... And more... And more... 😉

2. It's A Dessert Spread For A Dozen, and The Kids Can Enjoy Too. 👨‍👩‍👧‍👦👨‍👧‍👧

At Theo & Brom, we believe in making gatherings more special.  And this Dad's Day Dessert Deck? It can satisfy the sweet tooth of 12 people. Not only that, the Cioccolato variant is coffee-free! Everyone in the family could enjoy it -- from the coffee-loving ones to the youngest members too. 

3. It Comes With Two Packs of Tableya Filipina. ☕️🍫

What better way to pair your Tableyamisú than with a cup of hot Tsokolate? Just pop in seven mini Tableya Filipina rounds onto a cup of warm milk and you're off to a great day. 

4. It'll help Say 'I Love You' With A Sweet Touch. ♥️

Want a little personal note that says how much you adore Dad and more? We've got a card to help you out. 

5. It'll help make your Father's Day extra memorable. 🤗

Don't take our word for it, but people say that our Tableyamisú is Dad approved. Only downside is that he might ask for more. The deck is available for a limited time only. 

Made For You Who #LoveLocal 

And Our Local Press Agrees!

“As expected, Theo & Brom was an equal mix of home and novelty. The dark, rich flavors reminded us of our own tsokolate, the one we’ve grown to love. But at the same time, it was the perfect balance of dark and sweet, rich and smooth. Indeed, Theo & Brom was able to marry the best of both worlds: the Philippines’ flavorful cacao beans and Belgium’s expertise in creating the finest chocolates.”

"[One of] The best local brands with swoon-worthy bean-to-bar chocolate."

“If you love dark chocolate and the deep, bold notes of local tablea, here's a new chocolate to try. Meet Theo And Brom, a brand of artisanal chocolate and the world's first Belgian Tableya.”

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