A Fusion Of Two Classics From Italy and the Philippines

Be one of the first to try another one of our craft innovations that "Bridge the Best of Both Worlds."

Proudly made by the same brand behind the World's First Belgian Tableya, we bring you:

TableyamisĂș A La Ragazzon. 


Our Craft Approach To This New Tableya Treat

We intentionally craft small, select batches of TableyamisĂș for every production cycle. 

We want artisanal expertise to flourish during the making of each tub, which prioritizes specialty over speed.

Staying true to our mantra of rooting for one’s roots,

we believe in the value of things crafted by hand, not by machines.

Elements of TableyamisĂș

⭐ Pistoccus Di Fonni

We use Pistoccus di Fonni, a Sardinian version of lady fingers. Instead of just buying them, we bake them from scratch using fresh, wholesome ingredients and without any preservatives. These biscuits are the less crispy version of Italian savoiardi or lady fingers, and they give TableyamisĂș its light and airy mouth-feel, instead of the usually heavier sponge cake textures. 

⭐ Mascarpone Cheese

We wanted to make sure each TableyamisĂș bite tastes like heaven, and feels like a rich cloud in your mouth. We are able to achieve this by using only authentic, imported mascarpone cheese, as well as alcohol-free amaretto syrup for a subtle aroma of almonds. 

⭐ Tableya Filipina

This ingredient is always present in all our recipes. It gives the TableyamisĂș its element of richness and decadence, which is a perfect contrast to the dessert's overall light texture. It delivers the right amount of sweetness without overwhelming one's sweet tooth. 

⭐ 24k Edible Gold Leaves & Dust 

Of course we all love desserts that are too pretty to eat. So to bring additional luxe and sparkle to your dinner table spread, each tub of Tableyamisu is topped with a tinge of edible gold. A lovely finish to match its indulgent taste. 

⭐ Kapeng Barako (CaffĂ© variant only)

Kapeng Barako is locally sourced from Batangas, and is generously powdered on top of our CaffĂš/Kape Tableyamisu variant. Coffee is a classic ingredient that is found in traditional tiramisĂș recipes, and the use of a strong coffee blend completes the kick that tiramisu fans look for, and highlights the desserts Filipino side. 

A Twin Set Of Flavors, The Best of Both Worlds

TableyamisĂș is the brainchild of an Italian-Filipina couple Michelley Flores and Federico Ragazzon, 

who were both inspired by our brand's mantra of "Bridging the Best of Both Worlds."

Hailing from Sardegna, Italia, Federico traces the roots of this recipe by combining the classic Italian dessert tiramisĂș, 

and our very own Tableya Filipina.

It is a dessert that can satisfy a broad taste of cravings, from those who have a genuine sweet-tooth, 

to those who just want a subtle palate tickler after a hearty meal. 

Each Twin Pack has two flavors.

The former closely mirrors traditional tiramisĂș tastes, boasting of local barako coffee notes,

while the latter presents as a light but chocolatey melt-in-your-mouth treat, which kids can also enjoy for it is coffee-free!

Elegantly topped with 24k gold shavings, it is also a sight to behold on your table spread, or a perfect gift to surprise a loved one.

Best enjoyed and shared with family and friends, for each twin pack can make up to 12 servings. 

Now available at a limited time this holiday season. 

Order yours today! 

NEW TableyamisĂș A La Ragazzon (Twin Pack: CaffĂš & Cioccolato)
NEW TableyamisĂș A La Ragazzon (Twin Pack: CaffĂš & Cioccolato)NEW TableyamisĂș A La Ragazzon (Twin Pack: CaffĂš & Cioccolato)NEW TableyamisĂș A La Ragazzon (Twin Pack: CaffĂš & Cioccolato)NEW TableyamisĂș A La Ragazzon (Twin Pack: CaffĂš & Cioccolato)NEW TableyamisĂș A La Ragazzon (Twin Pack: CaffĂš & Cioccolato)NEW TableyamisĂș A La Ragazzon (Twin Pack: CaffĂš & Cioccolato)NEW TableyamisĂș A La Ragazzon (Twin Pack: CaffĂš & Cioccolato)



1x TableyamisĂș CaffĂš/Kape Variant

1x TableyamisĂș Cioccolato/Tsokolate Variant

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Fun Facts About
Theo & Brom

🇧đŸ‡Ș đŸ‡”đŸ‡­

Founder's Message:

Curiosity and inspiration led us here, and maybe so were you! 

Theo & Brom is a product of a simple dream: To bridge the best of two cultures, the Philippines and Belgium, both having very distinct cacao products and traditions. 

Our brand’s debut product is Belgian Tableya, an artisanal concept that daringly redefines hot chocolate, and elevates it to a whole new level.

While embracing the centuries-old tradition of enjoying pure cacao as a beverage, it also boasts the distinctive quality of fine Belgian chocolates.

Since we launched in 2018, our Tableya Treats have reached the United States, Canada, Europe, and of course, the Philippines. 

In December 2019, we launched Tableya Filipina, our local iteration of our signature Rounds, this time with our whole chain made Philippines, from cultivation to crafting. We sold out on the first day, it has since wowed our customers with a new way to enjoy Tableya: for Bites, Beverages, and Baking. 

When the COVID pandemic hit, we were on the brink of closing-up shop. But thankfully, that crisis forced us to creatively pivot and produce the newest Tableya Treats that are now true crowd favorites.

Our Tableya Treats are indeed born of tenacity. 

Thank you in advance for supporting our brand.

I know you will love these treats made from our labor of love. 

All the best,

Myey Moens

Founder, Theo & Brom

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Been craving for chocolates and we're sooooo happy we found our last stash of our guilt-free Tableya Rounds from @Theoandbrom. So it doesn't feel like we're cheating 😄 Thank god we loaded up on these last Christmas!!

- @missyforgot

It's a big WOW after tasting the tableya. Not bitter at all for a dark chocolate! It is very smooth and just the right amount of sweetness at the end.

I think you're pioneering the transformation of Filipino tableya. Will definitely be your regular customer. 

- Irene M

OMG! Hindi aabot sa milk ang mga tableya na to!!! Kakabukas ko lang mukhang mauubos agad. Hahaha.

- Mel C

Theo & Brom uses Belgian chocolate-making techniques to create tiny tableya rounds from single origin Davao cacao. The result, rich Pinoy tsokolate with a smoother texture! Basta masarap! Sumosyal ang agahan ko! 

- Divine R

We had Christmas dinner tonight, brought a pack for sampler...nabitin sila. They took a pic of the package and will probably order soon!

- Gloria A 

I grew up making hot cocoa and using it for champorado with tableya -- so yeah, I'm obsessed with it's chocolatey goodness!! So thank you for the hot chocolate comfort to my winter!! Congrats and Mabuhay! 

- Nina S

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